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The safest search engine for kids.

Seekadoo is the perfect environment to search and learn.
Fun, interactive, and most importantly, safe.

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Learn As You Search

Make them feel like a super (smart) hero

Learning is made faster and easier with Seekadoo’s built-in learning tools. They’ll get access to definitions and synonyms, along with favorite lists to help with citing sources for reports.

Safe Browsing

Worry less about what they’re searching for online.

Seekadoo’s search listings are curated by our team of parents.

Fun & Customizable

Choose your own adventure.

Your kid can build their very own experience by choosing their favorite themes and characters, giving them the perfect home-base to explore from.


Available on iOS, Android, Mac & Desktop

Download Seekadoo today and give your kids a safe and fun way to search, explore, and learn.