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The Safest Curated Search & AI for Kids!

AI for kids. Search and learn. Fun, interactive and most importantly, safe.
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Safe Browsing

Introducing ad-free search/web results and curated websites for kids’ safety, approved by parents!

Don’t stress about what they’re searching for online with Seekadoo Safe Search. Do you see any ads? Neither do we! Seekadoo ensures a worry-free browsing experience for your kids. We prioritize their safety by eliminating ads in search results and web pages. Our dedicated team of experts curates each website in our database, providing parents with added peace of mind. Discover a secure, customizable platform trusted by parents for safe, online exploration!

Seekadoo AI CHAT

An AI fostering creativity and imagination.

Immerse young minds in a captivating realm of interactive learning and exploration. The Seekadoo AI offers a safe and enriching digital adventure for kids.

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Use Seekadoo’s NEW reader tool!

Foster the love of reading with our integrated reader tool. Effortlessly access dictionary definitions for search words and use the reader tool to enhance their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. Start their transformative experience today, where discovery, education, and enjoyment seamlessly intertwine.

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Embark on a badge-worthy adventure!

Every search and website visit is a chance to earn badges and showcase your child's accomplishments. Unlock exciting badges, celebrating their progress and fostering a sense of achievement. Join us on an adventure where badges become a symbol of knowledge and discovery, making every moment spent on Seekadoo truly rewarding.

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Seekadoo Safe Search

Let the journey begin!

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Purchase Seekadoo Safe Search today!

Download Seekadoo Safe Search today and provide your kids with a safe, fun, and educational online experience!

Available on iOS, Android, Mac & Windows


Connect with us anytime at: [email protected]

Join Seekadoo's community engagement initiative and help us expand our safe database. To request the addition of a specific website(s), we encourage you to email us at [email protected]. Our staff will personally review your request and respond to you. Together, let's create a safer and more enriching online experience for kids.