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  • Curated & Safe Content

    Protect your child's online journey with our carefully selected database of safe content.

  • Block Ads & Trackers

    Seekadoo's robust ad blocking feature safeguards children's online privacy and digital footprints.

  • Age Appropriate AI

    Our advanced AI Chat precisely delivers content with safety guardrails to meet the unique needs and developmental stages of young users.

  • Read-Along Tool

    An immersive read-along tool offers an auditory experience that enhances accessibility and comprehension.

  • Homeschooling Resource

    Transform your child's homeschooling journey! Seekadoo offers a diverse array of educational websites tailored to support personalized learning journeys.

The ONLY safe search app for kids!

Online privacy is of paramount importance, especially when it comes to curated search experiences for kids. Ensuring a safe and ad-free environment is crucial to protect young users as they explore the digital world. By implementing robust privacy measures, we can guarantee that children can access age-appropriate content without the worry of intrusive advertisements or their personal information being compromised. This commitment to online privacy not only fosters a secure online environment for our youngest users but also promotes responsible digital citizenship from an early age.


Billed Monthly

Only $35.88 / year

15% Savings!


Yearly (Popular)

Billed Yearly

Only $19.99 / year

55% Savings!


Free isn't Free, help us keep the lights on!

Curated, ad-blocking, and safe for kids.

For only $2.99/month, you can protect your child’s online privacy and block unwanted ads with our safe, kid-friendly AI. Seekadoo is designed for children with strict privacy controls to safeguard their online activity. Give your child a safe, enjoyable online experience!

Simple, Fast and Easy!

Download and GO Instructions!

  1. Choose your plan above (Monthly or Yearly).
  2. Download and install the free version of Seekadoo from the App Store, Google Play Store or the Windows Store.
  3. Launch Seekadoo and go to 'Settings/Associate an Account' and enter the code received in your email. You are good to go!

*NOTE: If you already have the free version of Seekadoo installed on your device and are now purchasing a subscription, simply choose your plan above (Monthly or Yearly), open Seekadoo on your device and enter the code received in your email.

Seekadoo in SCHOOLS? YES!

Protect Your Students! Add Seekadoo to Your School or Organization!

Integrating Seekadoo Safe Search into a school/organization platform provides an invaluable resource for students by ensuring a secure and age-appropriate browsing experience. Foster digital literacy and responsible internet usage while safeguarding children from potentially harmful or inappropriate material. Reach out to us at [email protected] and our team will happily meet with you to discuss your particular requirements.